• "There are seemingly infinite amounts of up-and-coming musicians in Portland, but it is very rare to find a universally talented musician with such promise. Barra Brown and his quintet stand more of a chance for longevity than the average indie rocker or electronic artist that we are seeing pop up with increasing frequency."
    -Portland Mercury
  • "Energetically bouncing between pop, R&B and even old world folk, each song presents a different narrative to appreciate. From the anthemic to reflective, Brown sweeps and swirls with high-caliber percussion, moving each piece into beautiful frenzies of harmony and dissonant interplays that invite the listener into a fluid and expansive landscape of ever-shifting sonic textures."
    -Seattle Weekly
  • "Like those other Portland-bred jazzers Blue Cranes and Esperanza Spalding, Brown stands a real chance of breaking out of the jazz bubble and reaching much broader audiences."
    -Willamette Week

At one point, Barra Brown found himself at the top of Mt. Marathon in Alaska after an intense climb to the top. Surrounded by ripped professional athletes with the most recent gear, Barra was just wearing casual street clothes, a messenger bag and sneakers. Keep this image in your head, because this speaks to Brown's music - surprising, transformative and just different.

Barra Brown works and writes in Portland, Oregon yet doesn't prescribe to the "retire in your 20's" philosophy - he's busy as hell. Brown approaches drums like a painter, with flashes of color, sonic tapestry and lively rhythms. Aside from writing and arranging music for his ensemble the Barra Brown Quintet (as a Portland Jazz Composer Ensemble recording artist), he's also writing and recording albums for the avant-garde Jazz trio The Wishermen who opened for notables such as Kneebody and Robert Glasper and currently have their Cavity Search Records debut EPoch coming out this year. Brown also finds time to write and tour with bands including Old Wave, Alameda, and Ages and Ages.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of classical composers such as Debussy, Ravel, and Stravinsky, he also ventures on to modern ensembles and badasses like Brian Blade, Mark Guiliana, and Kneebody. Brown is a lover of music first, creator second.

Backed with an extensive training in classical music, flute and arrangement, Barra brings experience and discipline, yet is constantly growing and searching for new ways to approach his craft. Fast ascending as a music staple in the Portland music scene, Barra has become one of the more exciting players around. Bringing together different musical worlds, Brown is somewhat of a chemist, mixing unlikely influences to create something refreshingly unique.

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